Piano Lessons by Anita / $15 for 30 minute lesson
I studied with private piano teachers from 3rd grade through college. I play for weddings, cocktail parties, sing-alongs and have given private lessons off and on over the years. I currently teach at my home in the St Luke's Hospital neighborhood. Students generally start at 6 or 7 years old, though can be younger depending on the child. I teach adults as well. My goal is to give a solid foundation for reading and understanding all aspects of music while still making it a fun learning experience. Studying music requires (and teaches) dedication, focus and persistence – and is great for your brain. Music is more than art for the soul...it is science, math and foreign language, too! 

By trade I am an independent artist creating fine art, faux finishes and murals since 1998. Primarily I paint but I also enjoy making 3-D mixed media art and digital photography. In addition to being active in the Milwaukee art scene and exhibiting in local galleries and shows; I design websites, teach art and craft classes and write a monthly blog called “A.R.T. (Assorted Random Topics) by Anita”. Energy, rhythm, harmony and balance are values I strive for in my art and life. 

Peanoe Rock's
I guess I do too!
Original art from Brianna, 
a young former student.
Piano in Red #2
This series of piano paintings are acrylic on rough paper applied with a trowel.
Why study music?...
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