Piano By Anita
There are many reasons why people include music in Funeral and Memorial Services:   

•  A particular song can remind us of our dearly departed and provide moments of precious memories. 
•  The lyrics of a song can summarize how we're feeling better than we are able to say it ourselves.
•  When we are dealing with overwhelming grief, music has the ability to soothe and comfort us.

When making Funeral Song and Funeral Music choices, remember: 

•  There are no rules about the type of music that is best for a Funeral or Memorial Service. 
•  The music you choose should provide comfort and pleasant memories of the departed person. 
•  Songs that have meaning to you and your loved one are a perfect choice; his or her favorite song, the song that was playing when you met, the songs you liked to sing along to in the car. 
•  Songs that reflect the personality of your loved one are also a good choice; Jimmy Buffet for the carefree sailor, John Denver for the country boy or girl, Louis Armstrong for the trumpet player. 
•  Beautiful hymns, classical music, or gentle Celtic Aires provide soothing background music and are often the choice while people are gathering in the chapel or funeral home. 
•  Many people are easing away from traditional Funeral Songs and Funeral Music and are choosing music that reflects the taste of the person who has died. This can include modern or New Orleans jazz, country, blues, pop, or music of a specific instrument.

Celebrating a Life
Memorial Service Music
$150 - $200  2+ hours. 
American songbook standards, favorite tunes, inspirational songs, or light classical options. Price depends on travel distance and whether a keyboard is on site.